FAI is Communicating More

You might have noticed in recent months that FAI has increased its communications and social media content. It’s part of our efforts to keep you engaged, to increase a sense of community among us, and to share the richness of what FAI and our members are doing to improve the lives of countless people every day.

First, we began consistently sharing fresh, weekly blog posts related to FAI, fitness, or over-50 demographics. We also started a weekly email newsletter sharing the posts and other “news you can use.”

Then starting in August, we began reinvigorating our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow us and each other on those channels to keep up to date and to share best practices, challenges, and insights. Remember, the first word in “social media” is “social,” after all.

FAI’s new social media manager Jen Lutz Ritchie aims to increase your access to co-founders Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie and the tremendous amount of content they have created over the years. She also hopes the social media content from FAI will provide something different for readers and hope to hear from you, too, since we are such a diverse group involving people of varying ages, locations, and fitness styles.

And the increased communication is also meant to help you make the most of what FAI offers through your membership – certifications, workshops, business coaching, webinars, and more.

By the way, if your business is not on social media, it should be, especially Facebook. It remains the Big Daddy among social media for people over 50. Instagram and Twitter are growing, as well. And Instagram in particular is attractive for the fitness industry since it’s easy to share photos and videos of our highly visual kind of work.

Here are some interesting statistics. (Sources: Hootsuite, Forbes, Sprout Social)

  • Facebook had more than 2 billion active users as of October 2018.
  • In the US, 68 percent of adults use it, most on a daily basis.
  • Most advertisers say Facebook is the best social media channel to reach their goals.
  • Instagram has more than 1 billion users a month.
  • A third of US adults use Instagram, an increase of 7 percent in three years.
  • Twitter is more popular for social advertisers than Instagram, with 88 percent using it.

Social media is typically used to teach, tell a story, or inspire potential customers. Be sure to include a link to your website so prospects can learn more.

Let us hear from you – via social media, an email or a phone call. We’re all stronger together the more we share with each other.




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