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We have analyzed most of the available industry certifications and can say that we have taken a completely different approach to training. For the past 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to figuring out how to maximize physical function for mature adults. This has involved spending hundreds of hours examining the current research and thousands of hours training clients. As we learned and gained experience our philosophy of training began to take shape. This philosophy, called the FUNCTIONAL AGING Training model, is now at the heart of the certification program. Other certifications focus primarily on what are the problems that older adults have that you need to be careful of, modify exercises for and work around while using the old school, traditional cardio and resistance training methods. Our focus is on using novel training techniques and methods that integrate multiple components of function (e.g. proprioception, motor control, power, core stability, etc.) that are appropriate for the current needs of the client.

YES. Other certifications provide a good foundation of knowledge and skills that the FAS will build on. However, the FAS will teach you a radically different approach to training that will allow you to work effectively with a wide variety of ages, functional abilities, health conditions and goals. Some of the basic information on the physiology of aging, for example, may be redundant but very little of it will be.

This is also where FAS differentiates itself. While the philosophy, strategies, techniques and exercises we teach are targeted towards the 55-75 year old population they are effective with both younger and older clients as well. We use these same techniques to train clients in their 40’s and 50’s as well as clients in their 80’s and 90’s. FAS is a perfect fit for the rapidly expanding Boomer population.

Not yet. According to accreditation standards we cannot apply for accreditation until we have tested our materials and examination with a large number of trainers. However, we will seek accreditation as soon as we qualify.

The content includes 5 hours of video instruction (lecture and demonstrations) and a written manual which you may want to review more than once. The amount of time for you to complete the certification depends on several factors including your previous education and experience working with older clients as well as how much time you have to dedicate to learning the material. As a general rule of thumb we recommend that you spend 4-6 weeks with the material before taking the exam if you have very little prior knowledge and experience working with older clients.

The Certification is good for 2 years. Complete renewal information will be made available once the certification is completed.

  • Step 1: Report 20 CECs.
    • Login to faieducation, click on menu, my account, then My CEUs
    • We will match CECs from other organizations (ACE, ACSM, NASM, ISSA, etc.)
    • FAI offers CECs for completing our courses, attending live workshops, FAI’s annual summit or FREE CECs for attending webinars (1 CEC/webinar).
  • Step 2: Purchase the renewal for $79:
  • Step 3: Your updated certificate will be available in your faieducation account 24-48 business hours after you purchase the renewal.
    • Click on the red button listed under your FAS/FAGES certification on your dashboard. Click on the red “Download Certificate & CEUs” button then choose “FAI Certificate.”

All sales are final seven (7) days after the date of purchase (the "Return Period") (certain products are final on the date of purchase - see those listed below). In other words, as of the 8th day following the date of purchase, the Company will not provide refunds or accept returns. You must contact us within the Return Period to request a refund. If you have attempted the final test or exam associated with the product or service you purchased, you will not be entitled to a refund. Refunds are only available for the portion of the "Product Price" already paid.

All refunds are issued in the same form as the original payment, except if you elected an installment plan the refund will be issued to the most recent form of payment.

No, but a membership is currently being developed which will provide member-only benefits. Some of these benefits include discounts on additional programs and workshops, priority access to live events, and up-to-date information to keep you on top of the most current research and practices, as well as free CEU opportunities.

Current Basic Life Support certification is the only requirement – although it is recommended that you have a degree in the field, hold a personal training certification, or preferably, both.

You have 3 attempts to pass the test. A score of 80% or greater is required to pass. The questions are randomly drawn from a question pool so each test is slightly different.

The exam is composed of 90 multiple choice questions. Each question has four answer choices. There is a 90 minute time limit to complete the exam. A specific breakdown of the number of questions for each module is provided to help you prepare.

The educational modules you will have indefinite access to. Beginning 12/1/2022, you have 3 months from the date of purchase to successfully complete the certification exam.

The FUNCTIONAL AGING Specialist Certification has been approved for 1.0 CEU’s from ACE, 1.0 CEC from NFPT, and 10 CEU’s from AFAA and ACSM. The FUNCTIONAL AGING Certificate has been approved for 5 CEU’s from AFAA and ACSM. ACE and NFPT approval for 0.5 CEU’s is pending. The one-day FUNCTIONAL AGING Specialist workshop has been approved for 7 CEU’s from AFAA and ACSM and 0.8 CEU’s from ACE. Click Here for workshop dates. Applications are currently being prepared to obtain CEU’s from other organizations as well. Please let us know if you have a recommendation for us.

While this will vary considerably depending on your current level of knowledge and skill regarding training older adults, and the time and effort you put into study, we estimate that the average individual should take 3-4 weeks learning and practicing the material before taking the certification exam.

The Certification is the complete educational program with a full length Certification Exam and gives you a credential of distinction. The Certificate provides an introduction to the philosophies and strategies in the FUNCTIONAL AGING Training model.

The Certification is the complete educational program with a full length Certification Exam and gives you a credential of distinction. The Certificate provides an introduction to the philosophies and strategies in the FUNCTIONAL AGING Training model.

This is a unique program in the area of “senior fitness” and represents the first real breakthrough in training methods for mature adults in decades. It is the only program that will fully prepare you to work with the Boomer and Senior client and position yourself in your market as an expert at training mature clients.

Live workshops will be held throughout the year at difference conferences and at 1 day stand alone events. Live workshops are not necessary to obtain the certification but we understand some people prefer to learn live and in person. Please check our workshop calendar regularly as we add new dates frequently

Yes, in order to take the FAS Certification exam you must verify that you have a current CPR or Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association, Red Cross, or another organization. You will also be asked to state when your certification expires. The FUNCTIONAL AGING Certificate program does NOT require current CPR or Basic Life Support certification.

The principles of FUNCTIONAL AGING Training apply across cultures around the globe, and we plan to certify trainers around the world and even offer certification workshop and learning opportunities around the world. One of the powerful things about online learning it opens up the classroom around the world.

This certification contains roughly 90% new information. 20 out of 22 videos are new, and the manuals contain much more content, as it is designed to be a full educational course that leads to passing a certification exam.

The module follows Google guidelines and adds FAQ schema.


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