Month: November 2014

The #1 Benefit You Need to Provide to Your Mature Clients

Dr. Cody Sipe shares the #1 tip to provide to your mature client.  The benefit of function!!! Our clients want to be able to move better so that they can live life the way they want to live it.  Cody shares a story about a client that came to us wanting to improve her function.  Cody shares the other aspects of function that are important as well.  Our functional aging specialist certification provides you with the skills to help improve the function of mature clients.  To start working with this population, please check out the Certifications tab at the top of this page.

How to Train the Modern Day Senior

Dr. Cody Sipe talks about how to train the modern day senior.  He discusses and shares stories comparing the modern day senior with the depression era senior.  The modern day senior has grown up with modern day technology and they want to spend their money on life experiences.  It’s time to change how we train and think about the modern day senior!  If you want to start training the modern day senior today, take that first step and become a Functional Aging Specialist today!   Click on the Certifications tab above to get started on this exciting journey now!

The Age Performance Blog: Best New Way to Plank


Barbara Tanner demonstrates the Kneeling Kettlebell plank.

Want a quick bang for your buck exercise? The kneeling kettlebell plank is just that, and is safe and effective for anyone. Created by the mastermind Gray Cook, a physical therapist and strength and conditioning expertise. This movement is great for shoulder and core stability, and really inhibits the upper traps. To do this movement, just grab a heavy weight (typically a kettlebell) and get into a kneeling position, driving the weight down behind you, not letting the weight hit the ground. Hold in this position for 30 seconds to one minute. Easy. Effective. The Kneeling Kettlebell Plank.


Fitness Goals Of Boomer and Senior Clients

Dr. Dan Ritchie shares his excitement in training the boomer and senior clients and why you should too.  Two clients share their stories about some some pretty awesome fitness goals that they wanted to accomplish while working with their trainers.  One climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and another wanted to go to Patagonia and hike glaciers.  Listen to the video to hear more about their adventures.  For more information about training this exciting population, check out the Functional Aging Institute Certifications tab above.

The Best Balance Advice I Ever Heard

Cody Sipe shares our holistic approach to balance training that we also use in our Functional Aging Institute Certification.  He points out that the simplest advice is often the best.  He shares a story about a collegue that had a client that needed work on his balance.  He said that he had fallen many times over the past year and that he was afraid of becoming injured in the future.  Cody’s collegue gave him advice to help prevent a fall from happening and later what happened when he did later trip and prevent his fall from happening.  In addition, Cody also shares some other helpful suggestions you can recommend to reduce falls.


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