Month: September 2014

How To Use Adaptation Values To Get More Mature Clients

Dr. Cody Sipe talks about the challenges that the mature client might deal with in life such as taking care of adult children, grandchild, having aging parents, or moving to a new house or downsizing for example.  Cody shares the importance of knowing these challenges in life and how to handle them.  How is your service going to help these clients function better?  Cody also brings up some questions to ask your clients that relate to how you can help them through their challenges with regards to their training program.


How To Train The 90 Year Old Client

Dan talks about how to train clients in there 80’s and 90’s.  They bring unique challenges and awesome life stories.  Howard was a 93 year old client and came in to meet with Dan.  He was still incredibly strong for his age and had great mental acuity.  Howard told Dan his stories of when he was a child and working on the farm.  He built a lot of strength when he was younger and it has continued to keep that strength into his nineties.  He was an amazing golfer when he was younger and continued to play into his 80’s.  He continued to play golf until he was 88 years old.  Dan shares how you too can learn to train older clients appropriately.  Check out the Functional Aging Specialist certification!

How To Find The Right Kind Of Personal Training Certification For You

Cody Sipe explains how to choose the right personal training certification and what is going to help you attract more clients in the marketplace.  The Functional Aging Specialist certification was developed to help you reach the baby boomer population.  This certification is specifically designed to help improve function in every day activities and daily tasks.  The Functional Aging Training Model teaches trainers how to tailor their workouts to them specifically for their needs and values.  Check out the Functional Aging Specialist certification today.



How Email Marketing Is A Powerful Tool With Boomers and Seniors!

 Dan shares a story about the power of email marketing with baby boomer and senior clients.  He shares the importance of training the 55-75 year old clientele and how they love to interact within the community and support their community.  Pat, who was going to be participating in a 24 hour bike ride to raise $2,500 for an organization called CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate.  This organization helps children who have been placed into the court system and have an adult advocate.  Pat asks Dan if he is able to help spread the word about this fund-raising efforts that he is doing.  Dan sends out an email to his client list with a link to his donation page.  Watch to hear what the outcome was.



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