Why the world needs YOU to become a Functional Aging Specialist

A new report highlights why more trainers need to specialize in working with older adults.  The study, presented at an international conference*, showed that health care costs are 50% higher for people with a musculoskeletal condition such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and low back pain compared to any other single occurring condition.  There are more than 150 conditions that affect the muscles, bones and joints and their prevalence increases with age making them the main cause of disability among the elderly.

With the rapid rise in the aging population globally we need more trainers who specialize in working with mature adults, especially those with musculoskeletal conditions, to help improve their function and decrease their disability risk.

The Functional Aging Specialist Certification will prepare you to work with this HUGE and RAPIDLY GROWING population of clients.  Not only will you be able to position yourself as an expert and grow your business BUT you will also be helping people live a long, healthy and functional life.  There is not greater satisfaction than using your skills and talents to make someone else’s life better.

Build a strong business while helping other people…what an awesome combination!

Click HERE to find out more about the Functional Aging Specialist Certification and check out our schedule of upcoming workshops in Woodland Hills, CA (LA area), Raleigh NC, Ocala FL, Chicago IL, New York, and others.

*2014 European League Against Rheumatism Annual Congress


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