Month: October 2014

Why For Boomers and Seniors Price Is Not An Issue

Dan talks about why price is less of a concern for boomers and seniors and what is of more value to them than the price itself.  They are more concerned with you being able to train them for the results they are after with the services you provide.  The client over 50 years old often has a much higher net worth and have more financial resources at their allocation.  If you are intersted in learning how to train this population, please check out the Certifcations tab above to get started today!

How To Use Energy Values To Get More Mature Clients

Cody explains what energy values are and how they impact the client.  He explains how exercise and energy go hand in hand.  Energy values for the mature client have a variety of different meanings and implications depending on the clients daily activities.  If you want to begin training the mature client, check out the Functional Aging Institute Certifications at the Certifications tab above.

Establishing Yourself as the Expert through an OSHER Program

Many individuals want to go back to school, maybe to try out new subjects, or to get more involved in the community, or better their health. That’s where OSHER comes in. A man named Bernard Osher founded the Osher Program in 1977 in San Francisco, and his goal was to “improve the quality of life through support for higher education and the arts.” And in the 30 plus years Osher has been around, it has done just that and more for participating universities and colleges throughout the United States.

The University of Utah offers an Osher program, which is full of classes and experiences to enrich participants’ lives. Age Performance, a facility in Salt Lake City, and where Paul Holbrook works and owns, hosts Osher classes to give participants a comprehensive exercise program to improve physical function and performance. Paul, and Age Performance, has hosted this exercise program for the past 5 years in the facility, bringing in 8-15 participants each time. The program runs for 6 weeks and is a great referral base for facilities that participate. Universities will publish your facility on class descriptions on their website, and will have you present at lunches for future Osher participants. Osher is a great way to get your facility recognized in the community, visit Osher’s website to see more information on how you can participate.





Small Group Training With Boomers and Seniors

Dan talks about his facilities and how he trains the boomer clientle.  Small groups comprise of training 4-6 clients at a time focusing on the fifty to seventy year old market.  Dan shares how to integrate training the mature client with the younger clients at the gym.  Our focus is on the baby boomer and senior client primarily.  He explains how we divide up the group times throughout the day to train a variety of abilities.  Check out the Functional Aging Institute programs today!


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