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Featured Webinars

Becoming a Brain Health Trainer: Transforming Brains for a Living!

The global burden of cognitive decline is exponenetially increasing, with at least 2x the population of NYC suffering from cognitive decline. Are you prepared as a health and fitness professional to address this epidemic? This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Brain Health Trainer Certification Course; the 1st comprehensive course on brain health and exercise programming to exist in the industry! Be amongst the first to set the precedence for becoming a health and fitness professional that focuses on brain health in your practice and community by attending this webinar!

Strengthening Your Immune System to Prevent/Fight Cancer

Andrea Leonard 2019 PFP Personal Trainer of the Year and President/Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute will share with you some of the most recent evidence-based information on how you can strengthen your immune system to become a cancer-fighting machine. Whether you are at high risk for cancer, are currently fighting cancer, or just want to be the healthiest version of you, we can all benefit from this timely information.

Upcoming Webinars

What To Eat Every Day for Optimal Health
with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea

Learn the scientifically proven foods that should be consumed on a daily bases for optimal, sustainable health and wellness. We know plant based foods are almost always the healthiest choice, but exactly which ones and how much of them should we be incorporating into our daily diet. This evidence based lecture provides you with all the specifics as well as a simple tool to help your clients optimize their dietary choices that is easy to implement.

WEBINAR DATE: 11/05/2019

Evan Osar and Jenice Mattek Interview
with Dan Ritchie

Evan Osar and Jenice Mattek Interview

WEBINAR DATE: 10/15/2019

The Functional Aging Training Model and Why it Matters to the Future of the Fitness Industry.
with Dan Ritchie

How the FAT model is changing the way we train people in their 60's, 70's and beyond. ​​​​​​​ The Functional Aging business model is changing the business opportunity for fitness professionals. This model is allowing to create financial freedom and greater opportunity to train those over 60.

WEBINAR DATE: 10/08/2019

The Importance of Eating a WFPB Diet for Older Adults
with Mitch Kahn & Alayna Duffel

Webinar will cover the following topics: Age Related Changes in Nutrient Needs Advantages of a WFPB Diet for older adults How to Transition to a WFPB Lifestyle Benefits of WFPB for Type 1 & II Diabetics WFPB Lifestyle and Weight Training

WEBINAR DATE: 10/22/2019