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Featured Webinars

Balance on a Budget

A top notch balance and fall prevention program does not need specialized equipment or a huge budget. Let Guy Andrews of Exercise ETC Inc show you over a dozen activities designed to improve balance and cognition using lowly, readily available household items like plastic beverage cups, furniture gliders, bed sheets and PVC pipes. This fast paced webinar will expose you to unique, imaginative drills to increase core strength, improve posture, enhance mobility, boost self-confidence and decrease fall risk – using only common household items for equipment. You’ll leave this one-of-a-kind webinar inspired to try all of these drills (and maybe invent some of your own) and your clients will marvel at your ingenuity!

Science-backed Balance Training: A Sneak Peek at Latest Research and How to Apply It in the Current Climate

Dr. Katharine Forth will discuss the latest research in balance training and how to apply it in real-life situations with your clients. She will help us understand why balance training is so much more than standing on one leg. Dr. Forth will also share real life examples of how balance changed with seniors who she followed for two years. Dr Katharine Forth is an expert in postural stability and motor control. She conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA and has created award-winning balance training programs for older adults. She is also the instructor for the Zibrio Balance Specialist Training Course.

Upcoming Webinars

Thanksgiving Week Special Webinar
with Dan Ritchie

Due to the Thanksgiving week we will be having a unique webinar next Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. EST: “Ask Dr. Dan Any Question about Training or Business”! Please register for this fun session and submit your questions in advance by emailing us at contact@functionalaginginstitute.com. Additionally, Dan will highlight the December FAI calendar and plans for 2021.

WEBINAR DATE: 11/24/2020

Online Marketing for the Active Aging Industry
with Mick Olinik

The high level strategies you need as a training professional to get in front of mature adults, and the practical steps you can take TODAY to make it happen. In this webinar, Mick will talk with Dan about what the specific pieces are that go into a successful, high-converting website, and then give you practical steps you can take immediately to make that happen for yourself. He’ll also dive into traffic sources - and how to measure them. This way, once you have your website properly optimized, not only can you guide the right people to your website so that it will work for you, but you’ll be able to easily see which traffic sources are working and which are not so you can focus your attention on the most effective efforts!

WEBINAR DATE: 11/17/2020

The Pivot To Wellness, Fitness & Longevity.
with Pete Trapani

We will have a brief discussion about the following: What is Dementia & Alzhiemers? What is Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity ? BDNF & the Hippocampus? Ageing in Place Theory & Cost Model Review studies & practical evidence discussing how movement, activity can have a positive effect on cognition for this population Practical real world strategies for how the personal trainer or fitness professional can fill a void of service for this population and slow the rate of dementia related disease. Some other practical concepts covered will include: -Equipment needed to work with this population -Cost structure model -Structure of a wellness and fitness staff at these facilities -How to get started

WEBINAR DATE: 12/08/2020