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Featured Webinars

Becoming a Brain Health Trainer: Transforming Brains for a Living!

The global burden of cognitive decline is exponenetially increasing, with at least 2x the population of NYC suffering from cognitive decline. Are you prepared as a health and fitness professional to address this epidemic? This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Brain Health Trainer Certification Course; the 1st comprehensive course on brain health and exercise programming to exist in the industry! Be amongst the first to set the precedence for becoming a health and fitness professional that focuses on brain health in your practice and community by attending this webinar!

Strengthening Your Immune System to Prevent/Fight Cancer

Andrea Leonard 2019 PFP Personal Trainer of the Year and President/Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute will share with you some of the most recent evidence-based information on how you can strengthen your immune system to become a cancer-fighting machine. Whether you are at high risk for cancer, are currently fighting cancer, or just want to be the healthiest version of you, we can all benefit from this timely information.

Upcoming Webinars

Coccydynia: Anatomy, Etiology & Treatment of the Vestigial Tailbone
with Emily Splichal

The tailbone (also known as the coccyx) is often dismissed as a vestige of our prehistoric ancestors. Join Dr Emily Splichal as she explores tailbone function and its role as a major attachment site for the pelvic floor muscles. Learn the mechanics of levator syndrome and coccydynia, and how to best address them in your clients.

WEBINAR DATE: 09/12/2019

Got Clients With Knee Problems? 3 Things To Do Pre & Post Knee Replacement
with Evan Osar

Do you work with older clients that struggle with chronic knee issue despite foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening? Changes in the function with osteoarthritis and after trauma, injury, or knee replacement surgery directly and dramatically impacts posture, balance, and walking. During this webinar, you’ll discover the 3 most common causes that lead to knee degeneration and osteoarthritis. Dr. Osar will share with you 3 easy-to implement strategies for improving knee stability. With this information, you’ll discover the BEST strategy for assessing and addressing knee issues. Additionally, you’ll discover things you can do right now to help your clients and set yourself up as the go-to specialist in your area with knee issues.

WEBINAR DATE: 09/17/2019