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Featured Webinars

Balance on a Budget

A top notch balance and fall prevention program does not need specialized equipment or a huge budget. Let Guy Andrews of Exercise ETC Inc show you over a dozen activities designed to improve balance and cognition using lowly, readily available household items like plastic beverage cups, furniture gliders, bed sheets and PVC pipes. This fast paced webinar will expose you to unique, imaginative drills to increase core strength, improve posture, enhance mobility, boost self-confidence and decrease fall risk – using only common household items for equipment. You’ll leave this one-of-a-kind webinar inspired to try all of these drills (and maybe invent some of your own) and your clients will marvel at your ingenuity!

Science-backed Balance Training: A Sneak Peek at Latest Research and How to Apply It in the Current Climate

Dr. Katharine Forth will discuss the latest research in balance training and how to apply it in real-life situations with your clients. She will help us understand why balance training is so much more than standing on one leg. Dr. Forth will also share real life examples of how balance changed with seniors who she followed for two years. Dr Katharine Forth is an expert in postural stability and motor control. She conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA and has created award-winning balance training programs for older adults. She is also the instructor for the Zibrio Balance Specialist Training Course.

Upcoming Webinars

Old Age is Not Contagious: Ageism in the Fitness Industry
with Guy Andrews

Ageism may be the last socially acceptable “ism,” and it is so pervasive in the fitness industry that you may not even be aware of it. It is often overt: “Old people are so grouchy” or “All they do is complain about the music.” But ageism can also be subtle: “She is so sharp for her age!” or “I hope I’m that active when I’m his age.” It even has its own vocabulary like “crotchety” or “spry” or “fogies”! Whether ageism in fitness is overt or subtle, if we define our clients by their age we are making it harder for them to reach their goals. Let Guy Andrews of Exercise ETC help you to define ageism and identify concrete examples of ageism in the fitness industry, including examples of age discrimination in hiring and employment. Additionally, learn how to begin the process of seeing your older clients as individuals not simply as “old people.” As an added benefit, this webinar is approved for CE credit! All attendees of the live event will earn 0.1 CECs / 1.0 CEUs and will be emailed a CE certificate within 24 hours of the webinar’s conclusion.

WEBINAR DATE: 04/06/2021

5 reasons to do Tai Chi
with Dianne Bailey

Tai Chi is one of the most studied forms of exercise. The benefits of including Tai Chi into your overall exercise routine are numerous and proven. Join Dianne for an informative and interactive look at this gentle giant of exercise. You will be able to experience some Tai Chi along with learning how and why these benefits are much needed for our world today.

WEBINAR DATE: 04/20/2021

Help Your Clients Beat the Pandemic Blues with Neuroscience & Brain Strategies
with Denise Medved

Stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, fear, anger, and isolation are words we are all hearing on the news from this long and frightening Covid-19 pandemic. They are also emotions that most of our clients, as well as ourselves, have felt in the past months. The brain produces hormones and proteins like norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin – all mood lifters and regulators of attitude and emotional health. This webinar will show you how to use a few simple Ageless Grace® Brain Health physical exercise tools in 10-15 minute daily “play” periods, which can help your clients release the neurotransmitters necessary to lift their spirits. We will also include a few smart tips for creating and maintaining a positive attitude.

WEBINAR DATE: 04/27/2021