Introducing the Functional Aging Business Building Workshop

A two-day, live and in-depth coaching experience which takes place at Miracles Fitness in Lafayette Indiana and includes follow up coaching and content via webinars and conference calls.

Limited to only 12 participants, this two day training is designed for those that own a fitness business or are planning to open a training business which will focus and specialize on the mature and aging market.

During the two day intensive training attendees will…

  • Observe Functional Aging Training live in action and hear from actual clients about their experience and results.
  • You’ll learn how to train groups of 4-6 mature clients at the same time and address their unique and individual needs.
  • Learn facility layout and design for optimal use and maximum usage.

In addition to the advance technical training skills you’ll also learn…

  • How to start your own successful facility from the ground up.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes in owning, starting and running your own fitness business.
  • Facebook and email marketing strategies to target the aging market in social medial (the fastest growing demographic on Facebook).
  • How to positioning yourself in your market as the prominent expert to this affluent market.

Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr. Dan Ritchie have developed a business model that you can model and deploy with success. They have researched and identified what works for these clients and for this business model.

They will teach you the marketing messages that resonates and connects with the mature and aging population making marketing easier than ever.

And to help you put everything into action you’ll get six month of coaching and mentoring with Dr. Dan and Dr. Cody via webinar and group coaching calls. This will ensure that you put everything into action and get the most from the program.

The Two Day Scheduled Will Look Like This…


8am-10am: Observe Training at both facilities both 1-1 and small group training. Be a fly on the wall and see what it takes to operate a massively successful fitness business that specializes to the mature client.

10am-12pm: Observe and Learn the entire ins and outs of our Miracles Fitness business from customer entry point to facility layout and location design.

12pm-1pm: Lunch Provided, discuss and debrief morning observations.
Functional Training Certifications

1pm-5:30pm: Discuss full business model from the ground up and start up plans for your facility.


8am -12pm: Business building tactics… email marketing, Facebook lead generation, referral stimulation strategies, community networking opportunities, and local business cross promotions.

Lunch 12pm – 1pm

1pm -5:30pm: Focused on your business and get specifics on how you get your next 50 clients fast. This time will be spent identifying your specific business needs and assigning individual action plans for success.

Space is very limited for this two day live training. The next live Advance Functional Aging Certification takes place November 13th and 14th, 2015 at Miracles Fitness in Lafayette, Indiana.

The cost for the 2 day Functional Aging Business Building Workshop plus followup coaching and mentoring is only $2000. To reserve your seat pay a $800 deposit or more by clicking the button below.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot for November 13th and 14th

(You will receive a credit for any FAI Certification or Workshops paid for to date.)